Overshoot your creative goals.

It’s a common theme among successful people in every sphere. But I’m more concerned with the creative process, and what it takes for creative people to do the impossible: to make a living from their art.

The general idea is that we, as flawed human beings, will never achieve our ambitions to the fullest. In order to be successful at anything we attempt – especially in business or entrepreneurship, where it’s all on us to succeed – it’s essential to overshoot and over-deliver on our grand ambitions.

For example: I don’t just write books for the sake of writing them, or to sell a few copies. As deluded as it sounds, I prefer to overshoot and attempt to write masterpieces. That’s what really fires me up to create those worlds and characters: to know that I’ve truly gone all-in with my efforts.

I may never come close to writing a bestseller, or my coveted idea of the gothic-Baroque masterpiece… but at least I’d know that I tried my damnedest to get there. Nothing else inspires me, or fuels me up for the work involved to produce my books. I keep that goal of “gothic masterpiece” in mind, and strive towards it every day, and finished books are just the side-effect of the process and routine.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a creator too. So maybe you know what I mean. It’s much more about keeping that transcendent vision in mind, and clawing your way towards it, than all the steps and failures and shitty attempts that it takes to get there.

What matters is the vision. The masterpiece you want to put out into the world. Don’t listen to anyone who questions you about being obsessive, or irrational in your pursuit of your ambitions. There’s an instinct in you that’s driving you to create. It doesn’t matter what that is, or why. All that counts is that you’ve spent every day of your life chasing that vision down, and making it a reality. There’s a masterwork in your head, and you won’t feel at rest until you’re turning it into something real. Doing anything less than that with your life will, in my experience, make you frustrated and unsatisfied.

That’s exactly why you have to strive for over-achievement, and perfection, and why you must overshoot your creative goals. Because you know, almost by primal instinct, that you’re capable of so much more.

It’s far better to spend your life in the pursuit of your highest creative potential. Never wait to do that, and never let anyone try to dissuade you from your vision.

Just set up a daily routine that works, and put the time in to get better. Never miss your daily slot to make your creative vision a reality. You’ll get better with every attempt. There are only so many times you can fail, and you just have to go through those times to get to the really good stuff.

Everyone fails at first… but it’s the creators who just kept trying who come out on top. Whatever your skills and talents, you can always be the one who works harder than the rest.

Always aim for the masterpiece. Anything else is a waste of your time… and your incredible creative potential.


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