GHOST: Synopsis.

Serenity has fallen. Lurking in the darkening skies above the ruined capital, the Watchers are breeding their deadliest monstrosities yet. An army grown for a single purpose: to annihilate the peoples of the Ministry worlds.

Among the vast ruins of Capital City, the old Ministry fortress stands alone. Inside its towering walls, survivors of every species endure the Watchers’ global siege. Defended still, by an unlikely alliance of ancient tribes and galactic soldiers. Standing defiant at the end of their worlds.

Protecting this brave resistance is a human hybrid, and her fearless misfit companions. Plotting fierce bloody vengeance on the endless hordes, and on the lurking black ship that breeds them. On the sinister figures who stole her world and ended her species. And on a man; a murderer. Stark-eyed and grinning in the dark.

The battles for Stormworld are over.
The War of the Watchers is about to begin.


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