How to become a full-time author

It takes work. But with platforms like Kindle, the opportunity’s certainly there.

You don’t need to wait for a publisher to pick you. You could be waiting for a very long time. If you’d prefer to see results, and an income from your fiction writing, then I’d say just publish yourself.

Of course, you’ll need books out there and making income to be able to quit your day job. Your first book won’t be as good as your second, and that won’t be as good as your third. Realistically, expect to write several books over months and years before you’re able to make liveable money from what you publish. That’s just how it is.

The trick here is patience, and developing a system that works for you. That works around your job and family life. Maybe you’d write for an hour or two in the morning, and then for two, three, four or five hours after work. It just depends what you can manage on any given night.

And probably the occasional fevered all-nighter, when you finally get that book set up and published on the Kindle store. But, sleeplessness aside,  it’s also the greatest feeling in the world to get your creation out there, into the Real.

There’ll be days at work when you’re exhausted, and bad-tempered. Maybe even thoroughly pissed off.  But you tell yourself it’ll be worth it. One day, sometime soon, you’ll have your own books out there in the world.

All you have to do is give yourself a push. Push yourself every day into building the next chapter in that book. Your first efforts won’t be your best, but no writer is ever done improving. There’s always plenty of room to refine your style.

But at least if you get started now, and put your writing out there in the world, you’ll get a taste to write more books and see where your craft can improve. You’ll find out who your audience is, and what they want to read. You can’t learn how to write for a certain market until you actually start doing it, and making some necessary mistakes. But have the confidence to just do it.

There’s only really one way to become a full-time author, and that’s to figure it out for yourself. Experts can point the way, but you never really know things until you’ve learned them first-hand. Personal experience is pure gold.

How do you become a full-time author? Get started. Teach yourself. Find out what works through trial and error. Practise obsessively, give up some social life, and work your ass off. That’s really the only way.

But it’s entirely possible. It takes practise, but it’s also the most rewarding career in the world. To do what you love, and create stories that other people love too? It’s a dream job! There’s no better way for our kind to spend our time.

And you can absolutely do it full-time, for life, if you get started and learn from those inevitable early mistakes. It’s all about pushing on through to improve.

Every author had to start out this way. Is it mind-mashingly hard work? Yes. But is it worth it too, when you can step away from a day job and build your own creative career?

Hell yeah it is.