There’s a common trait among successful people.

It applies to creative types just as it does to people in business, sales, finance and any other discipline you can think of. You already read it in the title – it’s knowing.

Read. Watch. Train. Live and breathe your industry. When you train every day, you know what you’re capable of. When you don’t, you’re taking stabs in the dark. Know the business and what’s happening in it. Know what works. Know what your potential crowd are desperately looking for, and happy to pay you for. Know.

Creativity, and business. The two don’t have to be worlds apart. Why shouldn’t artists, writers and performers feel entitled to some success doing what they love? What could be less motivating than seeing no success in what we create? Receiving positive attention, and hearing praise for our work?

It’s not about being successful for the sake of showing off your riches, or being some super-alpha power player. Real wealth is measured in time. It’s all about making money that frees you up from the rat race. You don’t count savings in thousands, but in months and years where you can do your own thing. Wealth gives you the freedom to produce creative work in your own time, and on your own terms.

To make that kind of money, that freedom money, you need to know your business.
To make more freedom money, know your business better.

Where the uninitiated tread carefully through their chosen industry, successful people charge straight in. They already spent all night training for it. Watching and reading about it. They’re completely certain about it, and completely certain of what to do if it doesn’t work out. They invest years in it.

Through reading, watching, training and experience, they already have the answers. They’ve already invested their time in it, and so they know. If we immerse ourselves completely in our chosen industry, then we get to know too. That kind of certainty is a powerful thing; it kills our fear and doubt. Certainty and passion for what we do are a very powerful combination to keep on creating what we love.

The real question isn’t whether we’d like to be rich and successful by doing what we love. It’s whether we’d like the freedom to do what we love for life.

To achieve that, we need to make money to live on. To do that, first achieve certainty about your craft and its industry. Spend all your time on it, and training in it. Know.



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