Switch your state


Our best creative work demands a certain mental state. A sense of joy, and momentum, and the knowledge that we can do whatever we set our mind to.

We need to know how to achieve that state. It’s something we can only do ourselves – to know what inspires us, and what switches to hit. To start up that ‘forward’ state on demand, like an engine.

If you feel low, drag yourself back up. If you’re tired, wake yourself up. If you’re unmotivated, take it upon yourself to change that. You have a duty, to serve your audience. It’s all on you.

As creators, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If we think the world owes us that, we’ll starve.

Nothing external’s going to change our outlook, or our circumstances. It’s all an inside job. Some good advice can point us in the right direction, and that’s important – but making it happen is up to us.

If we don’t have what we want from life, there’s a good reason: we haven’t gone out to get it.

To do that, we need the right mental state. If you can’t change where your mind is, change where your body is and let your brain catch up. Take a walk, or run somewhere, or lift. We can think and feel in lots of different modes, but underneath all that we’re just in one of two states: growth or retreat. Get busy, or get stuck in a rut.

Nothing beats willpower, but you need fuel in the tank too. Eat well, train daily and feed your mind useful information. When we know more, we can do more. When we do more, we create.

Get your state up, move faster, and work harder than anyone you know. Positivity always wins – just find the right switch.




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