Be a fighter


I’m not talking about being a thug, or getting into fist fights in the street. This is about mindset.

Every one of us faces adversity in life, and you can bet there’s more to come. Nothing we do can change that. All we get to do is choose how to respond to it.

Will you let the bad stuff just happen to you, and be a victim to it? Or take the hit, recognise the challenge, and hit back harder?

The tendency to recoil from bad things and hide away, and do less in life, is what I would call depression. The antidote to depression isn’t happiness. It’s activity.

It’s about freeing yourself from the effects of the bad stuff, by creating a new option. An escape route. You give yourself the choice to lie down and take it, or to recognise the challenge and hit back at life with your own ambitions – and beat it harder than it could ever beat you.

Again, this isn’t about a physical fight. It’s about flipping that critical switch in your head from the default of ‘Well, what can you do?’ to ‘Fuck this. I’m coming back harder.’ So how do you flip that switch?

You train, physically and mentally. You put the right things in, to get far better things out. Food, water, information. Useful information is critical. The power’s in the training; the constant repetition.

Start working out. Cut out the sugar and carbs, and throw the TV out in the street where it belongs. (You’ll wake up.) Stop screwing yourself over, and give yourself real materials to work with. Natural food, with one ingredient in it. The one drink your body actually recognises – water. New sources of information that will teach you, daily, how to live with more meaning, purpose and ambition.

There’ll be times when you slip up. It’s the same for everyone. We are, after all, flawed human beings. No one has all the answers. But we do the best we can, and try to realise when we’ve come off the tracks, and we go at it again.

Your body and mind regrow constantly – so regrow it into a stronger, healthier and more driven state. Excuse yourself for the slip-ups, and go at it again. Get the right information. Train constantly, in body and mind. The side effect: you’ve become one of life’s fighters. Never stop.



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