Ghost: an early synopsis. (Tabitha 3)

Ghost header

One light flickers in the deep black dark.

The battles of Stormworld are over. The war for Serenity is about to begin.

The galaxy faces the darkest threat it’s ever known. Not any war of belief, or territory… but annihilation. The Watchers will stop at nothing to cripple the Ministry worlds, and harvest their peoples for the hives. One bloody, screaming blackout at a time.

Among these monsters, a human. Vicious, all-powerful; amoral. Locked in a violent stalemate with his hosts, and ready to gamble everything on stealing their full strength. Or, he’ll see it all fall in flames. There’s only room for one in the ashes – him.

Life in the galaxy hangs by a thread. But there are some who resist their fate. The grieving, the homeless; the cheated and the lost. They are the Ghosts.

And Ghosts go down fighting.



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