How to promote your new book


Write the next one.

I’ve heard this same advice from multiple Kindle success stories – J A Konrath, Amanda Hocking, John Locke, Hugh Howey – that the only way to sell more books, is to write more books.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to shout about your new release. Social media and your blog are the perfect tools to do this quick and often. But social events, book launches, conventions, even a conversation in a bookshop… it’s too hit-and-miss. And it’s time wasted when you could be writing your next book. Let your new book become your old book, fast.

Think about how you shop for books. How often do you click a link via social media and go on to buy that book? Or tap on a paid ad that pops up at the side of your screen? Do you shop that way at all?

Or are you far more likely to buy the books that Amazon presents you with in the bestseller lists, in the “people also bought” section and by word of mouth?

The only real way to sell more books is to have more books present on more readers’ screens. Write the best book you can, as fast as you can, and do it again. They say that in the Kindle store, the cream rises to the top – so, with hours and hours of practise, work out how to start writing better stories.

Grind through your next book, then publish and promote it, but most importantly of all – start on the next book right away. Keep that killer momentum where you’re flying at a million miles an hour, and it feels fantastic, and you can feel your writing getting better with every single word.

Your readers only want one thing from you: more stories. So get to work.

Speaking of which, I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone downloading my new science fiction novel, and Tabitha’s sequel, Sky Queen. I took a day off yesterday to fall into a quick post-launch coma, but rest assured that I’m back at it today on Tabitha’s third epic, Ghost.




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