Sky Queen: where’s it up to?


Almost there! I’m spending full days proofing it right now, and hoping to have it done this week.

I hate a spoiler, so I’m reluctant to give anything away about the story before it’s up in the Amazon store. So instead, I thought I’d quickly document a little about the process behind it, in case you happen to be writing your own books.

The idea for Sky Queen came about right after the end of writing Tabitha, from a quick character sketch. In all it’s taken about eighteen months to write and refine. Its ingredients include music, movies and myths, and tons of walks in the wild. (The best ideas are hiding in the wild, so *always* have a notepad or phone app handy).

The main hurdle hasn’t been in writing the book, but in cutting it down to the best story I can. I’ve tried to take in all the useful feedback I can from Tabitha’s Amazon reviews, so again, a huge thank you for those! Hopefully I can give you a more wide-reaching story with more action crammed in there, but I’ll have to wait and see what you make of it in your reviews. (Thanks in advance if you could leave one please, they’re a huge help to me!)

A popular theme in Tabitha’s reviews is her developing relationship with her alien buddies Seven and Fishbowl – and rest assured that there’ll be plenty of that to come. (Plus plenty of new characters too.)

So yep, I shall be dragging Sky Queen snarling from its cage this month, with an original cover artwork by the crazy-talented Gerry Arthur. I’ll trial it at $2.99 initially, as this seems to be the going rate for many Amazon ebooks. Aside from promotion and marketing, I’ll be making a start on Tabitha’s third book Ghost right away, and exploring some other options for novels and paperback/audiobooks too.

My thanks again for all your support everyone, and for buying my books to let me do what I do. In the meantime, happy winter, and look to the stars. The Sky Queen cometh…


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