Tabitha: where’s the damn sequel?

In editing, on the butcher’s block. I’m trimming all the fat to leave just the meaty good stuff; the prime cuts. I apologise for the delay – I hate to keep you waiting. It really pisses me off to make you wait.

If you’re writing a novel yourself, I thought this could be a useful insight into the process of writing and finishing a book. And for fans of Tabitha, I definitely owe you an update on the sequel’s progress.

A few weeks back I was ready to upload Tabitha’s sequel, Skyqueen, to the Amazon store. (There’s genuinely no better feeling than putting a new novel out there.) When it came to the final read-through before going live, I knew it was a better book than Tabitha… but it wasn’t the best it could be.

It didn’t meet the brief I’d set for the sequel, based on your feedback for the first book: that it could have been shorter, started with a faster pace, and had more people around to witness Tabitha’s abilities. The sequel was halfway there, but it wasn’t ready to go; it was still too long.

So, it didn’t go on the store. Right now I’m reading it over again, word for word, to get it refined down to its best form. There’s a lot of chopping and changing going on, and I’m a firm believer in brutal editing for the best results. I believe it’s just as important as writing the book.

The downside is the amount of time that takes, and I really do hate to keep people waiting for Tabitha’s next book – but I want that book to be the best it possibly can be for you.

I can see this round of editing taking two to three weeks more, so my apologies again for the wait – but hopefully I’ll have a better sequel for you at the end of it!

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