A story: The Sam Rye Code

They used to say a Sam Rye was his sord. I don’t get that. First, how was there more than one Sam Rye? And if you are a sord, how can you use a sord?

Anyway, they knew more before the boms dropped. Olduns reckon there weren’t mutants and rotwater either, and everyone had screnes that let everyone talk to each other and know everything there was. I dunno about that. Sounds like another mith to me.

Grown up on the Greyflats, all I know is robbers and rapers and reavers, and each one’s worse, and a blade’s the only answer to em, unless you can afford bullits. Most’s got nives, some’s got sords, and the ones who’ve got sords are trained like Sam Rye, to protect the week and fight for Just Is.

Me, I’ve got a sord, and I’m a Sam Rye, and I’m proud. My sord’s called Longclaw, and there’s a white dog head on the handle, and it’s from way ancient times when kings and qeens played the game of thrones. Some trader said there’s more than one Longclaw, but I didn’t believe em. There’s only one Longclaw, and it’s mine, just like it was Jonsno’s way back before me.

Jonsno was a great great hero in way ancient times, and he came back from death just like Jezas to save the people and fight for Just Is. There was Artha, and Vada, and Jonsno, and they defended the white table and upheld Lor and Orda, who was their gods. My granpa said they were real knights and kings and fought in the grass and trees, real grass and trees, before the world went grey and nukular.

Things are bad now, and get badder sometimes. But there’s some of us still fight for Just Is, like our moms and dads before us. Some of us still have sords, and we fight for Good and Lor and Orda, just like Sam Rye.

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