Train your writing muscles

Muscle reacts to resistance. Used up, broken down and built back stronger.

To become better, we need to suffer a little. It’s the only way. But the moment you feel the benefits of that training, when your performance is right up there at your personal best, you know you’d gladly suffer through all that training again.

No one’s born with any innate mastery at what they do. I don’t believe in ‘naturals’ at anything. It’s purely about what you’ve got your attention on.

Keep your attention fixed on becoming a better writer, and you’ll want to write every day. Pour that desire into the right project, like a novel, and you can focus and refine it. Show that work to the world, and get feedback to become better. Repeat, improve.

Just like a personal trainer would tell you what you’re doing right and wrong, perfecting your technique over time, your audience will tell you when your writing’s great and when it sucks. Don’t resent that; welcome the criticism. They’re making you a better writer.

Write every day, as many hours as you can. Immerse yourself totally in your writing, at the expense of every distraction you can reasonably remove.

If you spend every day breaking down your writing muscles to build them back stronger, and sharper, and tighter tomorrow, it’s impossible not to become a better writer.


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