Writing advice you don’t hear too often

For god’s sake, make things easier for yourself.

Life’s hectic and worrisome enough without making your writing a rod for your back. It shouldn’t be some dreaded spectre hanging over you, sprinkling magic guilt dust on your head while you sleep. It should be a pleasure, a treat, a labour of love. And there’s a way to enjoy it more and more.

Whatever you invest your time in, grows. It could be a worry, a relationship, a sport, a career, a book. Anything at all. Time is life’s currency, and with it we make investments. And, as with stock markets, we can make good investments and bad ones.

I say this a lot, because I believe it: TV will screw you. It’s screwed a generation. Millions upon millions of people who could be chasing their talents and taking colossal bucketfuls of satisfaction and self-esteem from producing and creating in their free time, are sat watching the bloody TV. God, that’s a depressing thought.

If you want to fall in love with your writing, or any hobby or passion at all, put more time into it. Remove the time sinks that can easily be removed – like TV, for example – and stake a claim in your free time to think and plan and create and refine. Invest your time in some real joy and satisfaction, and watch yourself get better and better at what you love. There’s no greater feeling in the world.

It’s your life. Sit down and think – really think – about where your time’s being spent. If you don’t like where it’s being spent, then change it.

Fight life for some time back, and spend it on what you love. That’s how you become a far better writer. It’s how you become a far better anything.




One thought on “Writing advice you don’t hear too often

  1. This is great advice! More people should follow advice like this, but they won’t. Honestly, it’s sad. A lot of people waste their potential because they are too scared to pursue their dreams. I also feel a lot people fall into the settled trap. Instead of pursuing more, they stay stuck where they are at. I never want to end up like that.

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