Skyqueen teaser: synopsis

SKYQUEEN cropped

Tabitha’s interplanetary sequel, Skyqueen, is weeks away. I wanted to share a first version of its synopsis / Amazon product description with you…


Survivor. Savage. Sovereign.

A lone woman crosses the stars, in search of a tribe to belong to.

Stranded on a wild ancient world, Tabitha finds herself fighting tooth and claw to survive an alien wilderness and the coming winter. Tested to the limits of her endurance though, she finds that her evolution is far from over.

Back in the ruins of New York, an unhinged mutation butchers his world’s invaders. Not for justice, but because he enjoys it. With all the power of a god to rain down on them, he might even convince them to leave his city alone to grow. His way.

In a distant galaxy, four figures plot to hijack an empire of worlds. There’s a new planet on the frontier; wild, undeveloped and out of bounds. And with enough natural resources to fund the biggest private army in history. With a secret, highly illegal mining expedition bought and paid for, there’s only one thing standing in their way: a simple tribe of native savages, and their mythic warrior queen.

One light flickers in the deep black dark.



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