Writing and momentum


Writing at the weekend, whenever you happen to feel inspired, and when you can be bothered, is not a winning strategy. It’s how people start a novel and still have it sitting there on their hard drive years later. Usually as a lonely first chapter or two.

To finish a piece of writing, especially a novel, you need to create momentum in your work. It’s not easy at first, but setting up the right routine where you’re writing every day, even just for an hour, is what will bring you success in your writing.

Creating that routine will make you disciplined. It’ll pave the way for your writing the next day, and the day after that, and the weeks and months and years after that. It’s what makes writing enjoyable, and it’s what trains your mind to get creative on demand and demolish any notion of writer’s block.

You create momentum by training your writing skill, like muscles, every day. It’s the act of repetition that builds your ability. Once it’s a daily routine though, and you get some momentum up and start seeing the results of your writing out there in the world… it becomes the most beautiful addiction in the world.



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