How to get the life of your dreams

Work for it.

Only, that seems hard and intensive and monotonous, doesn’t it? And as long as we can’t get over that, and still cling to the great myth that we need our downtime to relax and be comfortable, we won’t get the lives of our dreams.

We live comfortable lives. For the most part, we experience very little pain and discomfort. Surely that’s a good thing though, isn’t it? Well… no. It’s really not. A little discomfort and resistance, within our control, can be rocket fuel for our ambitions.

Failure doesn’t kill ambition; comfort does. The greater our appetite for discomfort and hardship – which can be learned – the greater our potential for success.

Without discomfort and failure and tough lessons, we don’t grow as people. We don’t develop the grit and determination to barge on past those obstacles the next time they come up. We live our entire lives caught in the limbo between having to go to work and getting to go home or take a holiday. It’s a life spent eternally trying to avoid discomfort and inconvenience wherever we possibly can.

That’s not a life that fuels our ambitions, or gives us the tools and the discipline we need to achieve them. That only comes when you’re prepared to work your day job and get home and carry on working. When you’re prepared to stay home working when everyone’s out drinking, and psyched up to get up (or stay up) at stupid o’clock to carry on working hard.

When you’re on purpose though, and devoting your entire life to that one thing you most want to do, there is no work. It’s not something you feel the need to be compensated for; it is its own compensation. Its own reward.

When there’s no work, there’s no overpowering urge to take time off from it. It becomes your entire existence, your reason to live, and the rest of your life falls into shape to accord with it.

If you want to live the life of your dreams, understand that dreams are earned through discomfort and failure and hard work. Don’t bother looking for the easy way round; there is none. There’s only hard work. Get used to it, and enjoy it.

I hope you achieve everything you want to in life, but take it from me: drop the excuses, and stop looking for the easy way round. There’s only hard work.

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