Are your demons really demons?

Addiction. Obsession. Materialism. They plague us and weaken us; blights on the human condition.

Unless you turn them in the light and see their other side.

Our great failings could be seen as formidable strengths, if only we can redirect them and see them for what they are.

Addiction is forceful, insistent, endless. It runs through all of us like a river. Everyone has their addiction. Like a river though, it can be redirected. There’s no reason why we can’t divert an addiction for TV, drugs or winning at the slots into an addiction for books, fitness or making our own income online. All the force and energy of addiction will run through all of us our entire lives. All we get to do is decide whether to direct that addiction towards the harmful, or the helpful.

Obsession is a dirty word. It conjures up images of stalkers and creeps. You know who else was obsessed? Steve Jobs. Mother Teresa. And every role model you hold dear. If we can’t get obsessed about something then we’ll spend our entire lives drifting aimlessly between work and TV. Your obsession isn’t work; it’s pure enjoyment. Find your obsession and harness it and it could change the course of your life for the better. And the people who look at you a little funny because you’re happy to admit you’re obsessed with something… well, all you can do is hope they find theirs.

Materialism is a tricky one. It’s our duty to be responsible consumers… but we will still always be consumers. If you aren’t consuming air, water, food, light and the time of your friends and family… well, then you’d be dead. It’s impossible for us not to be consumers and consumerists. The act of consumerism is what stops us being dead. We consume material things like food and shelter, which would make us all materialists too. It’s very hard for us to buy food and pay rent and avoid tumbling into endless voids of floorless oblivion without a ready reliance on material things. Have you ever tried to pay for a meal with an immaterial currency? It doesn’t go over at all. Embrace your materialism. And don’t be afraid to expect and demand more, to let you flourish in your life.

Our demons don’t have to be demons. They can be the tools and driving forces behind the greatest decisions and experiences of our lives.


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