Your willingness to write far outweighs your ability to write.

What’s the single greatest factor in becoming an exceptional writer?

Your willingness and commitment to write all day, every day.

Great writers aren’t born. They may have a certain predisposition for storytelling, written or verbal; but the real making of an exceptional writer is in the amount of time they’re willing to put their ass in the seat and keep hammering out line after line after line.

If you spend hour after hour, day after day, month after month and year after year doing that, it’s impossible not to be a good writer. It’s purely a numbers game, and when your numbers are getting up into the thousands of hours and the tens of thousands, that’s when you’ll start to become confident in your own level of confidence and skill.

It’s hard to measure ability in writing when you’re in the thick of it. After all, a lot of people can write. It surrounds us each and every day, from shopping lists to slogans. But think of it like this: a lot of people can walk too. But not everyone’s willing, or physically fit enough, to climb Everest.

You must have that willingness to write. Wanting to write is the driving factor behind becoming a good writer, and natural talent counts for nothing if you never use it. I’m not even convinced that there is such a thing as natural talent.

The ability to write, and write well, comes with years of willing repetition. Quite simply if you love to write, and let it be your entertainment as well as your job – and especially if you’re writing for the entire time that you’re awake every day – then it’s impossible not to become an excellent writer.

7 Replies to “Your willingness to write far outweighs your ability to write.”

  1. I would agree with this, however, I’ve been writing for a few years now, and I still haven’t gotten that many reads on my stories. I am always trying to improve my craft and get better, but nothing seems to help :/

    1. I know where you’re coming from pal. The main thing is that you keep your fire to carry on improving every hour of every day. If you don’t write for a day job, I’d say move into that to boost your confidence and increase your practise time. Where are you publishing your writing?

      1. Thanks! I’m definitely trying to get a full-time writing job =) I used to publish my stories on Wattpad but now I post them to WordPress.

      2. Good work! Meantime I’d say go straight to Kindle to publish your writing mate, and as soon as you start getting downloads and reviews it’ll build your confidence (and your audience) right up.

      3. Thanks, I have thought about self-publishing to see how many readers I get. Thanks for checking out my blog and giving me advice^^

      4. No problem mate, I hope you do go on to self-publish – the only way to see how many readers you’d get is to give it a try! :) If you do, and if this helps, there’s a chapter in my nonfiction “How to Write a Novel in 5 Steps” that’ll take you through an easy way to format a Word document for epublishing. (Just click the cover here on the left to find it in the Amazon store.) Hope that helps!

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