Writer’s block is a myth.

Nurses, builders, accountants and chefs don’t have the luxury of excusing themselves with professional block – least of all when the pressure’s on. Writer’s block is a myth.

Runners don’t get runner’s block before a race; they just get on with it and run a bad race. They look back and realise they’re not as fit as they can be, and work on themselves, and run a better race next time.

It’s the same with writing. Writer’s block is really just the go-to excuse when our writing muscles aren’t trained enough. We can sigh and huff that the muse hasn’t descended… or we can write something terrible and refine it later.

No story begins fully formed and magnificent. To quote the author John Dufresne, stories are never written; they are rewritten. But falling back on a self-declared creative drought, when a thousand different things could give us the fuel we need to write the next story, is just self-defeating thought.

Writer’s block is a myth. There are always more stories in us; even ones with terrible beginnings. But with all the potential in the world.

All we have to do is refuse to accept the blocks we place on ourselves.

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