Don’t question everything.

It’s good to question most things. But not everything.

The ability to look critically at why people and institutions do what they do can save us from dogmatic thought and irrational acts. Questioning everything can save a lot of people from a lot of pain and grief.

But there’s always a flip side. Our ability to question everything also leads us to question everything about ourselves. That’s why we get stuck. It’s why we get demotivated, then frustrated, then depressed. The tendency to question ourselves poisons our ambitions before they can even grow.

There are some things in life you just have to get certain about, or you’ll never live the life you want.

There’s more than enough fear and doubt in life to go around. Lots of people will happily share their misery and terror with you if you let them, whether you want it or not. (That’s why I stopped watching TV.)

Get certain about your ambitions. Cultivate a stubborn, sacred conviction about what you want to achieve so that you’re ready to fight tooth and claw to defend it from the doubters.

Not everyone will agree with this, but some will: comfort is a disease. First-world obesity figures bear that out. We doubt our potential, abandon our ambition and look for comfort to block out the doubt and frustration. It’s why we sit down in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream and let fear-buy-reward, fear-buy-reward wash over us for hours. We questioned ourselves. Comfort gave us an easy answer.

Don’t question yourself, and never get comfortable. With all your thought and energy and conviction pressured constantly behind a single course of action, what could you really achieve?

2 Replies to “Don’t question everything.”

  1. Now I should probably stop questioning myself and start blogging I guess!, Inspiring stuff, but if you could explain a bit more in future that would be cool!

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