What happens when you quit TV?

You go batshit crazy and die of boredom. Or, you die of stress because you couldn’t relax and unwind after work. Jokes.

No, you start to get shit done. You take back about 20 hours a week of your life. If you watched a lot of TV and quit it, you’ll buy back 24 hours or more. That’s an eight-day week to get things done. Seriously, what could you achieve in an eight-day week? What could you earn?

“But what about relaxation? What about unwinding?” People could relax before TV. People can relax doing active things. It can actually be more relaxing to put in hard work on the things you love doing – whether that’s writing, fixing up a car, painting, crafts, anything. Fulfillment is more relaxing than passively watching TV. Chasing your ambitions will make your life more full and complete than ads-show-ads-show-ads-news-ads-show ever could.

Note the prevalence of ads. Most of the ideas that TV feeds your mind is advertising. Believe it or don’t, but your brain is the hungriest organ in your body. Are you feeding it real knowledge and skills constantly on sites like YouTube, or are you stuffing it full of the crap on TV?

This isn’t me saying stop watching all screens. We’re far too addicted for that, and they’re far too useful to cut out of our lives. All I’m saying is that you can change up your mental diet to just the things that’ll help you grow, flourish and achieve more than you ever thought you could. And if that sounds like bullshit, that’s because you’re listening to it from way down in the rabbit hole. Get free.

Relax and unwind after work is the great holy cow of our culture. Relax and unwind after work sits us down in front of ads that make us buy shit we don’t need. TV stops us achieving what we’re truly capable of.

Quitting TV can change your life. It’s your call.

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