Sky Queen: a thought.

What was there now anyway? What was left? Out here on her own, Tabitha felt all her cold biting guilt rush up on her. Fell down in the sudden shadows. Felt that fierce strong facade crumble away. Held herself tight against the cold black night because no one else would. What the fuck was she doing? Who did she think she was, fucking saviour of the universe or something? She just stared at the ground at first, gulping and numb. Before long though she was staring up at the stars. Wondering which one was the Sun; her sun. Or if she could even see it from here. God, she missed her life. Her real life. Her mum; her friends. Emma and Jen, and her makeshift family who called themselves Ghosts. Liv and Will, and their sad lost love story, and what could have been for them. She missed Laika too, her Dogface. Her gentle Fishbowl. But, as dear as they were, they weren’t first in her mind. There was someone else. There’d always been someone else, and it didn’t even make sense. She felt the loss like she’d been torn away from him, thread by raw bleeding thread. There it was though. Most of all she missed her Seven, self-assured and vicious. She’d felt invincible around him, like they were two halves of one form. Now though… what was there? This frozen bleeding hell? Endless lonely life on this world, with no one and nothing. Or, not. She still had one thing left, waiting there inside her. That dark pure force of will, savage and raw. That fierce primal engine in her soul. Looking again at the alien world around her, this was only like Earth after the war. Brutal as it was, one day at a time, she could survive it. She’d done it before; she could do it again. For as long as it took. She could change things right now with nothing but a thought. Set things right; get him back. He was still out there somewhere; she knew it deep down inside her. Right here, right now, there was only one truth left for her. She was going to get Seven back, or die trying.

2 Replies to “Sky Queen: a thought.”

  1. I was wondering when Tabitha Vol 2 is being released. I haven’t found any news yet. Just finished Vol 1 and thank you, the book was awesome. It fed my book addiction for the week, (you have no idea how hard it was to stretch that thing through a week.) anyway just wondering. If it is still a ways off, I would like to be added to a mailing list for notification of new releases. If you have that sort of thing set up.

    1. Hi Iceman, thanks a lot – I’m really glad you enjoyed Tabitha! I’m honoured to have been your word dealer for a week; I really appreciate that you’re hooked on my writing. Vol 2, Sky Queen, is well underway and I’m aiming to publish it this April. I see that you’re following my blog, so new updates that I post about Sky Queen should come straight to your email inbox. A dedicated mailing list is a great idea though – I’ll look into it!

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