Eat your demons.

There’s nothing quite like the pang of guilt that comes with procrastination. There’s a lot of distractions available to us. And doing that thing we always wanted to do with our lives is just kind of… well, hard. And boring. And hard.

We’re a generation of TV junkies, gaming addicts and movie fanatics.  The internet’s given us the biggest repository of cool ideas in human history. But we don’t take them out and let them run around on paper. We’ve been programmed to stay stuck in the theatre audience of life, sitting quietly in shiny-eyed wonder and deciding what on Earth we should buy next from the freakshow. Just like everyone we know. Forever and ever. Amen.

Or, you can decide not to. If you wanted to you could stand up right now, drop your popcorn and walk out and create something. With a little perspective, you’ll see what it was you loved about that movie, or that game, or that TV show. Those demons that are just so damn good, you want to get right back in there in junkieland. Don’t itch for your demons; use them. Look for the idea behind the appeal, and eat it up. Use those ideas to feed your own.

You can sit back in the theatre for the next freakshow, or you can walk out and create something weird that’s never been done before. Some people will love it. Lots of people will hate it. But hey, at least you got out of the freakshow, and started kicking dents in the doors instead. Suddenly you’ll find yourself using all those cool ideas you’ve been soaking up all these years to build on and create new ideas.

Don’t let procrastination swallow up what you could’ve created. Eat your demons instead.


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