On science fiction.

Some people are big behind Tabitha and what she’s up to. Some people hate it. Well, it’s not for everyone. I’m only writing it for the people who are really into it. The only point I’d like to make is that science fiction isn’t the same science fiction it was fifty years ago.

I was born in the year of Chernobyl. I was becoming a man when 9/11 dictated our cultural mindset. I raised myself on Aliens and Terminator and videogames. The kind of science fiction I write isn’t going to be the same stuff everyone likes, and it’s not fucking Star Trek. The hippie dream died a long time ago. New science fiction isn’t better or worse than what’s come before it; it’s just different.

The free world is up against some mystical vision of jihad. That’s our modern-day communism. A bunch of deluded god botherers who’ll suicide bomb free people just for being free. The more hard-line the mystics get, the more hard-line the atheists get in response. It’s self defense.

Prometheus set the tone for modern sci fi, as far as I’m concerned. A good Alien prequel it was not, but it was an eye opener. In the age of cellular 3D printing and genetic possibility, it’s absolutely the right science fiction for its time. Disconnected, unsympathetic, and bold.

Sorry if that’s not the kind of science fiction you want. But it’s the kind of science fiction that a certain generation needs to make sense of the world. A world that’s never been more connected, and never been more isolated too.

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