A huge thank you.

Just a quick post to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s read, or is reading, Tabitha. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the ride, and thank you for taking a chance on an unknown author. You make my day, every day.

An extra-special thank you to the folks leaving Amazon customer reviews, and for all your kind words. There’s nothing more motivating in the world than the knowledge that there are people out there who enjoy what writers write, or critique because they know that writers can do better. I don’t even need to ask, because I know you will, but please carry on your fantastic support for the indie writing community and keep those reviews coming for all the indie authors out there.

At the risk of getting all mushy, I’ll stop there. But, again, thanks everyone. Big time.

2 Replies to “A huge thank you.”

  1. I downloaded Tabitha to my kindle. And starting at chapter 37 & 38 I got blank pages with white lines. I returned it for a refund. If the problem gets fixed I would download it again.

    1. Hi Larry, I’m really sorry to hear that mate. I’ll contact the Kindle team now and see why this is happening, and get this fixed as quickly as I can. Thanks for letting me know.

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