#amwriting challenge

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my #amwriting challenge just now, to write something for 5 minutes to the sounds of Paul Leonard Morgan’s Sweet Denial. (If you missed it, you can always reply to this post with your own writing when you have the time.)

Anyhow, here are the efforts that sad, silky tune inspired in me. As usual, they’re directed at the ongoing adventure of my superhero, Tabitha, and will feature in her sequel.

The wind cut cold through Tabitha’s bodysuit. Her teeth chattered as she looked out over the sea of an alien world. The silver sand at her feet was damp and dull; the forest behind a chilled wintry gold.

She missed Seven. She missed Fishbowl. Her friends. It was just her now, lonely and cold and stranded on a world she was never meant to survive. Every moment of distant sunlight was precious to her; it warded off the howls and chatters and hyena-laughs of unearthly predators that had prowled the forest the night before.

If she couldn’t get a fire going soon, she’d freeze in the coming night. There’d be no light to keep the hungry mouths and cold shining eyes away. But the smooth bleached driftwood and the weird bamboo she’d piled up on the sand… she didn’t know how to light it. She didn’t even know how to make a spark.

The night was coming, sooner than she expected, bruising the sky plum-purple. There was only one dark damp thought in her head: she didn’t have a spark to keep its strange terrors away.

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