Tabitha’s new cover!

Tabitha's new coverI’m hugely, unashamedly proud to present the new cover for my Kindle science fiction ebook, Tabitha, by Hawaii-based concept artist Aaron Nakahara (find him on Twitter right here.)

Hopefully the colour scheme, the visual style and the typeface here on the new cover convey what the novel’s all about: manga-style action, Marvel-style superpowers and sinister-cool Prometheus-style genetic possibilities. (It’s all in there!)

We’ve been working together for a while now to get the feel of Tabitha and her story just right for the cover, and what’s more we’ve both really enjoyed coming up with the design. I’d love to know what you think.

If you’re an indie author striving to get your work noticed, my advice is this: get a professional in to create the cover. Don’t be afraid to delegate creative control to an accomplished artist. You’re already experienced in the tools to make it happen: Twitter and email. Just jump in.

If Tabitha’s new look appeals to you, you can download her to your Kindle (or any device) by clicking here.
Oh, and look out for the sequel coming this summer – the working title is Sky Queen.



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