Quit TV.

Seriously, try it for a while. You’ll be surprised how much you don’t miss it.

Disconnect your TV and put it somewhere out of sight and out of mind, and replace the empty space with all those books you never got around to reading.

I’ve done it for a week now, and I’ve never read so much in my life. And because I’m reading more, I’m writing more too. It’s like suddenly having all this time for complete immersion in my favourite things.

You’ll find that you’re listening to the radio much more too, which means you can get more done while you’re still getting your entertainment fix. You’ll fall back on blogging, social media, the occasional movie on your computer… good. Use them to further your passions and your life ambition.

And, for a little while at least, you’ve cut out one of the biggest black holes of free time and productivity the human race has ever invented. Let’s keep going with the TV ban for as long as we dare, and see what we can achieve.

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