Tabitha free giveaway and author Q&A tonight!

To celebrate getting my first novel up on Amazon Kindle (and because it’s my birthday) I’m going to be giving away Tabitha free tomorrow to say thanks for everyone’s fellowship and followship!

Leading up to that, I’m going to be on Twitter all night tonight to answer your questions about Tabitha or how I wrote it. I’m no indie publishing expert, but maybe if you’re writing your own debut novel with a view to epublishing it, I might be able to give you a pointer or two on how to get to the finishing line. (Unless I’m completely wrong about it of course, in which case just ignore everything I say.)

And if you’re looking for a new science fiction read packed with aliens, biotechnology, post-apocalyptica and electrosexual antics, just swing by Amazon any time tomorrow and pick up your free copy of Tabitha via this link. (You can read it on a Kindle, or use the Kindle app which is available free for desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.) And, if you’d be so kind, please let me know what you thought in a quick customer review on Amazon once you’ve finished (link in the ebook). Your feedback will be a huge help when I come to start my next ebook soon, and every comment is hugely appreciated.

So, nip over to Twitter and find me at @andrew_in_space right now or any time tonight if you’ve got any questions or comments. And don’t forget to pick up your free copy of Tabitha tomorrow on Amazon, when it’s as free and shiny as a free shiny thing. And thanks for your support, everyone!



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