Tabitha out now on Kindle!

I’m very happy to tell you that Tabitha, my first novel, is available now for Amazon Kindle.

In the story our heroine wakes up to a dead infested world, overgrown with otherworldly species. Humanity is at the mercy of a terrifying alien threat, and is all but wiped out when Tabitha comes around after her own encounter.

As the only person to survive the alien venom, Tabitha has to face the loss of her loved ones and leave her old life behind to wander the ruins of Earth in search of civilisation. Her new abilities alter her body, and even threaten to change her human nature.

Hunted relentlessly by monstrous swarms and desperate survivors, Tabitha becomes something different; something more. But as humanity and the alien threat go to increasingly desperate lengths to fight for dominance, Tabitha quickly realises that there’s only one side left to fight for – her own.

Tabitha is available now for £1.99 at Amazon UK and $3.32 at Amazon US.


2 thoughts on “Tabitha out now on Kindle!

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