Free book!

Ninjas! Time travel! Shrunken celebrities! They’re all stuffed like weird sardines into my Tales of the Strange and Grim, which goes for the very competitive price of nothing until 5th August.

It’s got all kinds of weird entertaining crap in there you never knew you wanted to read before. I’ve got your writers vs aliens fights for survival. I’ve got your insane 21st-century tyrant kings with their finger on the big red button. Youth elixirs, superpowers, cannibals in period costume, swords n’ sorcery… you name it. It’s like a used car showroom full of my weird brainfarts.

Just click the eye-stabbingly yellow book cover there on the right if I’ve got your mind hunger-rumbling for a bit of bizarre. And please leave a quick review too if you can; they’re like catnip for Kindle authors and help more people to see our stuff. Eleven people have kindly left me some really helpful reviews, but I’m always on the lookout for more feedback on my fiction. Happy reading!

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