Never be accused of being normal.

Could you imagine being labelled “normal”? It’s the ultimate insult.

Never be accused of being normal. Refuse to stand for it. Resist it with every fibre of your weirdness, especially if you believe in creativity. Normality and mediocrity share a bland, grey office cubicle, in a company where business never gets better than average.

Do you think Lovecraft, Shelley or Stoker ever worried about how their writing was perceived by the societal normal-o-meter? Did Dali lose any sleep wondering how people would relate to his work, or Black Sabbath ponder the acceptance of an audience before they started up?

Monty Python aren’t still selling out live venues in seconds because they pandered to the mainstream. Star Trek and Star Wars have endured because they carved out their own genres with lasers. Lasers powered by cores of pure nerdium crystals. They avoided normality like some kind of astro-plague.

These towering (possibly hovering) cult monoliths didn’t become household names by creating work to slot into some perceived demographic. They just put their finest, weirdest work out there and created, and sure enough their audiences came to find them.

Never be accused of being normal. Never worry that your ideas might not be fully understood. Tone it down and create things for mass acceptance, and you might never know how many people like your truest, weirdest work.


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