Tabitha Sequel Underway (who the hell is Tabitha?)

Tabitha is one of my favourite characters I’ve written. She’s flawed, self-interested and lazy. And has superpowers.

I first wrote Tabitha’s character about a year ago for my weird short stories Tales of the Strange and Grim. Since then, it’s been pretty clear from the opinions of my readers that the alien-fighting heroine is the one most deserving of a sequel. So I’m starting out on a new book, one I’ve wanted to write for ages – a science fiction.

Fans of Ridley Scott will find something to get their teeth into, as will lovers of superheroes and games like Fallout. Why? Because I’m a massive fan of all these things. And when you’re really into something, it seeps into your imagination like black slime, whether you want it to or not. So yep – expect unashamed amounts of aliens, robots, violence and zombies, and probably a shit-ton more by the time I’m done. (I’m thinking flying saucers and ray guns too.)

The novel starts out where the short story finishes, and will follow Tabitha as she tries to find other survivors of Earth’s alien invasion. Will she find anyone left in her hometown, now a desolate concrete hive for the alien invaders? Is there an explanation behind the aliens’ sudden arrival? Can she ever hope to get her planet back from their steely clutches?

Stay tuned for more about the adventures of Tabitha!

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